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Sunday, November 5, 2023

The Misinformation Machine: The Far Left Nesting Dolls in East Palestine and the next Cindy Sheehan.

The far left nesting dolls in East Palestine.  Last night, on X, Twitter, this Author discovered what she suspected about the leftist radical turn of some East Palestine residents. On Facebook and Twitter this Author was referred to as "a corporate boot licker." On X I'm accused of enjoying "book licking," a charge against people like me who are viewed as "defending corporate masters." "Licking boots must taste good." I know this ilk well, because, I used to be among this ilk, a leftist activist, protesting for various left-wing causes

Keep in mind that Indy Media is a "global collective of independent reporters" that has run into server shutdowns in the US and Europe for posting threats and inciting calls for violent criminal action. There is someone, claiming to be in East Palestine with apparent Indy Media ties. who starts out with the "you're not here, so you don't know" line that is so much a part of claiming some authority. He's drinking that sheen in the water...ohhh! 

Mmmm hmmmm. Do those boots taste good? Clearly you don’t live there. Or have been there. I got a nice glass of water with sheen for ya. Want it? 

 Well, wrong, as we can find the truth from government sites, political leaders, as well as legitimate media sources. The clean up is almost done. the removal of waste and contaminated soil is almost finished. Testing of soil and water will continue. This should be great news for the good citizens of East Palestine! 

And...that sheen in Sulfur Run creek, well, the one that "I don't know about because I don't live there," well, Mark Durno, an EPA coordinator is there and he says that the sheen may be from industries that were once in the area (video at 1:49).  They should be nice about (and they will) and clean the sheen up so the Commie nesting dolls in the area don't have a permanent issue to stoke fears and resentments.
Yes, you can know the truth about East Palestine without being there. 

The future Cindy Sheehan of East Palestine. If the sheen is not taken care of, it will be the the talking point by which the commie nesting dolls of the far left, who also have poured their agitprop into a number of articles on "nationalization of railroads." These commies are openly encouraging the stealing of Class I railroads from private citizens-owners. They are agitating Congress into the unconstitutional taking of Class I railroads from their private citizens-owners!  

They will need a spokesperson to do that, and it will probably be a young woman who will be the poster child of Norfolk Southern's corporate greed against East Palestine." 

The Cindy Sheenham of East Palestine will, if not already. talk like she is straight outta' a Soviet indoctrination camp, with all the language of "abuses of capitalism" being the "greed of the corporate run railroads," and "abusing workers to make the trains run on time." She will be an Indy Media star and will evolve, like Cindy Sheehan did, into a hateful, radical leftist with a political agenda that features spewing Communist garbage about America's "unsafe" railroads.

We have hope that once the sheen is gone from the creeks and the clean up winds down, the radical left nesting dolls will find something else to do. They might just take their new darling spokeswoman and head on the talking circuit to promote the stealing of privately owned railroads, with Norfolk Southern as the icon of "the putting profits before people," always being blamed for for an unfortunate derailment that was caused by a failed wheel bearing.  

We must remember that the cause of the derailment was the burning up and failure of the wheel bearing of Railcar 23, and that was probably not caused by private citizens owning railroads. 


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